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The Complete EFB App

The Complete

 EFB App

Synthetic Vision

Fly in all conditions and terrain with more confidence with the most advanced EFB Synthetic Vision available! Compatible with Apple, Android, Windows and iFly GPS 740 and 740b units. iFly’s Synthetic Vision uses the official FAA obstacle database and SRTM Terrain Data provided by NASA.

Moving Map Navigation

Display your current position and any active flight plan directly on Seamless FAA charts and plates. iFly GPS also supports Portrait and Landscape orientation in either North Up or Track Up mode.

Flight Planning

Set your destination with a touch on the map or enter in the flight plan then reroute graphically around airspaces and obstructions with our easy-to-use “rubber band” planning.

Use our exclusive Vertical Flight Planning feature to get a relative terrain view along with a vertical profile of your flight plan for journeys through mountains. This allows you to set individual waypoints and assign different altitudes, giving you the confidence you need to sculpt your route through the mountains.

With our Simulation Mode, you can build a complete plan and approach then fly the procedure before taking your trip.

RealView & Auto Taxi+

View satellite airport images for nearly 13,000 US airports with runway outlines upon approach, during taxi or before takeoff.  No Internet required!

iFly GPS takes what others call AutoTaxi to another level. AutoTaxi+ allows the pilot to quickly identify runways, taxiways and hangars; all while seeing the aircraft’s exact location on the screen to better follow arrival or departure taxi instructions with confidence.

Terrain Alerts

Terrain Highlighting, Active Obstruction Alerts and Vertical Flight Planning provide confidence and safety. The Active Alerting System provides a central location for alerts and more, including terrain, traffic, towers, airspaces and more.


Every feature we build is designed to minimize the time spent looking at and interacting with a screen so our pilots can keep their attention outside and fly the plane.

iFly GPS delivers the best value, capability, and usability for both VFR and IFR Pilots. Safely and quickly get the information you need so you can focus on flying!

iFly GPS Cannot be beat!


Don’t just take our word for it, check out the great reviews from pilots just like you!

"iFly GPS....just cannot be beat!"

I use IFLY GPS…for VFR flying and it just cannot be beat.  It is so simple and intuitive and easy to use and access its various functionalities.  On top of that, it accepts data from my Lynx 9000+ so I get blended traffic and ADS-B weather on my Ipad.  And it’s fast.  Every once in a while I get a free offer to use another app … but when I try it out I find it’s so complicated with tons of symbols that are not readily understandable, etc.   So I just keep flying using iFly GPS.  If you fly VFR there isn’t another app that can touch it.  Jeff B.  Cirrus SR-22

"iFly GPS is the greatest EFB...."

iFly GPS is the greatest EFB on the market.  Simple and Intuitive. I never fly without it … even while racing.  — Johnny P., Sport Air Racing League, RV-4

"The Best Company in the GPS Market."

Best service and constant improvements make this the best company in the GPS market!  Every issue that has come up as been resolved with a fast response by the AP Team.  I have both the iFly 720 and the iPad App in the cockpit now. – Ernie Bryant

"everything simply makes sense"

If I were personally going to design a GPS navigational software platform…it would be no different than what Adventure Pilot has done!  It’s so easy and pilot friendly, everything simply makes sense.  Paul and Kim

"What an incredible GPS!"

I just completed 14 days of flying into 24 states. What an incredible GPS! It is, without a doubt, the most readable, user-friendly, feature packed cockpit accessory I’ve ever used!  I never imagined that one device could basically replace all the paper charts, flight guides, and airport manual that I used to carry in a flight bag. As long as I continue to fly, there will be one in my cockpit! -Jim C, Piper PA-14

"Navigation requires superior precision..."

Winning a Navigation event at a national collegiate aviation competition requires superior precision.  The iFly 740 GPS provides our pilots with the competitive edge to secure and defend that title.” – The Ohio State University Flight Team