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The “Flying Five” Culture

Our company is built around The Flying Five Culture:
  • Passion – We serve the customer with purpose, pride, and a positive attitude
  • Integrity – We uphold our ethics and principles with every action and decision
  • Loyalty – We are committed to the greater good of the company and our industry
  • Ownership – We strive for excellence in all we do, and seek to learn from mistakes
  • Teamwork – We champion others with clear communication, honest relationships, patience, and encouragement

The Team

The iFly GPS team brings together the perfect balance of technology and real-world flight experience. We know what pilots want and how to best deliver it.


Walter was born in California but his family moved to Texas when he was a baby. He was raised in the Dallas area by a middle American family and is comfortable calling himself a Texan. Walter’s grand-fathers (on both sides of his family) had great success as inventors and entrepreneurs, and his father had a genius level knack for fixing, building, or improving anything he touched. Walter got a bit of both the entrepreneurial and problem solver spirit. Walter discovered computers in 1982, scraped and saved until he could purchase his first computer (for the other old geeks out there, it was a TI-99 4A). The next few years Walter spent head-down with his little computer teaching himself how to program. At age 19 in the late 1980s, Walter was working in a routine job at a mid-sized call center while going to college in the evenings. Recognizing a tall stack of opportunities that computers could be used to improve efficiency in the company, Walter picked one and hand-wrote a proposal to his supervisor. This was passed up the chain, approved, the company bought its first PC and promoted Walter to “programmer”. Over the next 8 years with this company, Walter continued to grow in skill and management experience – proposing projects, programming, working with other teams, hiring, etc. Lots of life changes in the mid-90s: Walter met and married the love of his life, Juanita. He switched careers to a startup technology firm, Travel Technologies Group (TTG), and there struck up a lifelong friendship with Bill Strahan. Bill, being a pilot, introduced Walter to many flying adventures. Being hooked, Walter began to pursue his own Private Pilot license while continuing to develop his programming skills and making himself valuable to his new company. Shortly thereafter Bill and Walter purchased a plane together, a Grumman Traveler. Among many other adventures, Bill and Walter took their little plane through Mexico. Having little access to maps, and unable to afford the commercially available navigation tools, they simply wrote their own basic moving map app for their trip through Mexico. This would prove to be the foundation of their next phase in life. Fast forward to the around 2009 – TTG has closed its doors and released most of its employees. Walter found himself wondering what to do. Rather than just jump into another job, Walter and Bill decided to build a new product, a navigation tool that would revolutionize the industry. The iFly GPS app was born. Today, Walter has continued to develop the iFly GPS app and grow the company. It has proven to be a perfect mix: Exercising his creative and entrepreneurial spirit, challenging his programming capabilities, while enjoying a rich mix of life surrounded by airplanes and aviators. When not at the company, Walter spends most of his time with his twin boys that adore him, his loving wife of 25 years, and exploring the world on various faith-based and personal adventure travel.

The iFly Team

The iFly GPS team brings together the perfect balance of technology and real-world flight experience. We know what pilots want and how to best deliver it.